• Overberg Agri (Pty) Ltd Overberg Agri, with its head office in Caledon in the Overberg, is focused on two aspects which are of great importance to all parties concerned, namely: Sustainability, and the creation of Wealth. Read more...
  • Grain Services Overberg Agri’s grain division mainly comprises the storage and handling of grain, which is stored in large, well-equipped silos.Read more...
  • Boltfast As one of Overberg Agri's subsidiaries, Boltfast is a leading distributor of industrial fasteners in South Africa, with branches in several cities.Read more...
  • Irrigation Planning & Services We provide professional prepared irrigation designs and plans at comparative prices. Read more...
  • Retail Branches We provide high quality agricultural supplies at competitive prices, by focusing on the most important production inputs.Read more...
  • Mechanisation Our mechanisation department includes various agencies such as Claas, Rovic & Leers and Vitamech, and it promotes agricultural machinery and parts.Read more...
  • Bredasdorp Abbatoir Bredasdorp Abbatoir provides slaughtering facilities and the brand “Overberg Meat” is already quite well known and increasingly popular due to the exceptional quality of meat from this district.Read more...
  • Insurance Services We focus mainly on the insurance of farmers, private individuals, businesses and other related institutions, such as churches, schools, etc.Read more...
  • Bontebok Limeworks Bontebok Limeworks, with its well known “P&B Lime” brand, manufactures, promotes and distributes Agricultural Lime, Feed Lime, Whitewash, Building Lime, Water Purification Lime and Concrim nationally and internationally.Read more...

Committed to empowering our people

Overberg Agri is committed to empowering our people, whether farm workers or personnel. We have therefore taken the initiative to create a vehicle, the Overberg Agri Development Trust, to do just that.


Every business requiring a BEE certificate needs to adhere to the Codes of Good Practice of the Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment Act (Act 53 of 2003). To comply with the enterprise and socio-economic development elements thereof, a business has to contribute respectively 3% and 1% of its net income (after tax) for the development of Africans, Coloureds and Indians.

Funded by these contributions, the Trust serves as a platform to implement empowerment projects in an optimal and equitable way. At the same time, designated local communities can benefit from these projects.

Through the Trust, beneficiaries can also acquire economic exposure to investments.


While complying with the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice, the Trust will:

  • pool and manage B-BBEE contributions,
  • identify socio-economic and enterprise development projects,
  • allocate funds to beneficiaries, and
  • manage all projects.


Anyone who wishes to contribute to the Trust or needs a BEE certificate is encouraged to join forces with the Trust.

By combining contributions in a single pool, the Trust will be able to undertake more effective projects and make a more meaningful impact on beneficiaries.


Beneficiaries must formally and individually be registered, and include Africans, Coloureds and Indians who have been permanently employed for at least 3 yearsby:

  • the Overberg Agri Group of companies, or
  • eligible customers of Overberg Agri Bedrywe.


You are an eligible customer of Overberg Agri Bedrywe if you are engaged in primary agriculture and

  • do business with Overberg Agri Bedrywe, and
  • have a finance agreement with Overberg Agri Bedrywe.


More information and registration forms are available on Overberg Agri's website at www.overbergagri.co.za or contact Annmarie Steyn on tel 028 214 3800 or e-mail annmaries@overbergagri.co.za.

“By combining our contributions and BEE efforts, we will be able to make a meaningful and long-term investment in our people.”  André Uys, Managing Director