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sales & hire

We provide a free platform through which clients can buy, sell or hire third party agricultural implements, equipment and services.

Should you wish to publish an item on this platform, please submit a detailed description of the item, location and price, along with a good quality photograph (not exceeding 1Mb) and your contact details to:



Ignie Barnardo
Tel: 028 214 3849
Cell: 028 212 2854


Specialised Services:
& engineering

We operate 4 mechanical and engineering workshops in the Overberg and Swartland regions where skilled technicians design and manufacture a wide range of precision farming equipment and implements to address the specific needs of our clients. Recent designs include state-of-the-art storage wagons and mass holders in 3 different models of 10, 15 and 20 ton respectively (see photos below).

For enquiries, please contact the following manufacturing and engineering workshop managers in your area:


Tel: 028 214 3856


Tel: 028 425 5845


Tel: 022 433 8300

Specialised Services

  • Trailor manufactured from galvanized material – appropriate for sheep and oxen
  • Pro Feeder made from 3CR12 plate. 500kg
  • Feeding trough with gates
  • Horse feeder
  • Bale lining
  • Mobile silo with Auger. Tonnes adjustable – starting at 30 tons

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