Our grain division provides storage facilities for various types of grain in the Western Cape. It has a total silo storage capacity of approximately 385 000 tonnes, with depots across the Overberg and Swartland regions.

Our grain division operates two seed processing facilities where approximately 10 000 tonnes of seed is cleaned and distributed every year.

This division includes an Agricultural Advisory Services department where trained advisors provide clients with advice and support relating to the technical aspects of the various production facets.

We are an established marketing facilitator for all types of grain and is also directly involved in the marketing of grazing crops.

Depots – Overberg district

We operate 15 grain depots with an overall storage capacity of over 385 000 tonnes for all types of grain such as barley, wheat, canola, lupines and triticale, among others.

Depots – Swartland district

advisory services

Our Agricultural Advisory department provides an in-depth agricultural resource and support service. The core function of this department is to focus on agricultural counselling and economics in support of sustainable grain and livestock production.

Agricultural advisors apply both scientific and practical knowledge and experience when providing advice to clients related to production practices and financial management. Our team actively participates in various financial study groups during which crucial information is monitored and gathered, and clients are provided with mechanisation and land lease cost guides on an annual basis.


Pierre Laubscher
Tel: 028 424 1120
Cell: 082 388 0039


Michael Gregory
Tel: 028 214 3826
Cell: 079 500 7459


Lombard van Jaarsveld
Tel: 022 433 8381
Cell: 073 766 3961

Advisors closely monitor and compare the production and return potential of new cultivars to existing cultivars. Relevant and important information is then shared with clients during scheduled events, such as the annual Farmers’ Day, Farm Worker’s Day, Sheep Information Day as well as during the pre- and post-planting sessions.

This department maintains an updated agricultural resource library on a vast range of topics and serve on various standing committees on sustainable farming and protein research.

Seed Orders

In order to streamline the annual seed ordering process, producers are encouraged to place their grain and grazing seed orders well in advance at the nearest depots or retail branches.


Grain and grazing seed order forms:
  • Seed Order Letter.
  • Seed Order Form.
  • Grazing and Onion Seed Order Form.
  • Latest Cultivar Information.
  • Inoculants for Pastures Order Form.
  • Seeding Density Table.
  • SABBI: New Malting Barley variety for the Southern Cape, Agulhas and Hessekwa.
  • Sensako farmsaved seed 2016.
  • Sensako Commercial Producer Agreement.

For seed order inquiries, please contact any of the following:


Carien van Deventer
Tel: 028 425 5825
Pierre Laubscher
Tel: 028 425 5827


Tiaan Augustyn
Tel: 028 214 6114

Encouraging research in agriculture

Overberg Agri’s Roodebloem Research Farm is located along the N2 highway, just past Caledon. Founded in 1991, this commercial farm was established for agricultural research to provide science-based solutions in response to challenges faced by farmers in the area. In addition to operating as a research facility, the farm also acts as a prime location for multiple events within our calendar.

At Overberg Agri, we believe in fostering an environment that encourages agricultural research. Our team continues to engage in a variety of research trials at the Roodebloem facility, surrounding cultivar evaluation, fertilization and livestock feed – for the purpose of assisting our producers in increasing their livestock and crop yields, improving farmland productivity and sustainability, reducing loss due to disease and insects, developing more efficient equipment, and increasing overall food quality.